Adverse Weather Policy



The Clubhouse Project Day Service will make every effort to keep open and operating normally during periods of inclement weather. The main criteria for deciding to close the Clubhouse are whether the bus routes are operating, as this provides a good indication of the general status of main routes, and whether the premises of St George’s College can be made safe.

Should St George’s College close, this will mean that The Clubhouse will be shut, due to the fact that it will be unsafe for any vehicles to enter the school site.

With this is mind it will be communicated to all parents by phone call or text message as close as possible to 07:00 hours. In some cases the decision may be taken the night before although this is less likely as the school will wish to be sure that they absolutely must close before deciding to do so.

If conditions are uncertain, but the School remains open, this will also be notified as close as possible to 07:00 hours but, in the absence of notification of closure, parents should assume that the project will be open.

You can also check the St George’s College website where any information on closure will be detailed. Subsequent daily or more frequent updates, including notification of the school/Clubhouse reopening, will be provided to you as and when available.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at  or call 01932 988708.

Many thanks

Project Manager