Client Referral Process


We welcome all enquiries and are happy to provide information regarding our services and support to anyone who gets in touch.

We strive to support individuals, families, and professionals to find the right support service/s and to relieve any anxieties and concerns when searching for a day service provision.

Our Referral Process is extremely thorough and enables us to get to know each individual and their support needs in as much depth as possible.

This allows us to identify and plan support and services in line with individual need – with the person at the centre of everything we do.

We initially become aware of individuals who require support by speaking with their families or representatives, social worker, placement finder or local commissioning body. Through this initial interaction, we are able to gather as much information as possible about the individual’s interests, skills, support needs and preferences.

In the next stage of our Referral Process, we begin to assess individual support needs and compatibility with our service and support. By reviewing an individual’s information and documentation further, we are able to explore all options, assess suitability and specifically match individual support needs, personal aspirations and preferences.

Options are then fed back and if suitability is agreed by all involved, we will arrange and complete a face to face assessment, either at home, school or college.

We also offer individuals requiring support and/or their families or support networks, the opportunity to visit and arrange a trial day so they can experience the timetable and a typical day at the project.

The principles of service delivery are for individuals to:

  • Receive person centred support
  • Be listened to and involved in making choices about their support.
  • Have information about their support in a way that they can understand.
  • Have their rights protected.

The service objectives are to:

  • Offer assessment and support in accordance with best practise and to deliver this in a safe and secure environment.
  • Care plan collaboration with the client and family and provide clear documentation of this.
  • Evaluate effectiveness/quality of service provision, through audit and annual questionnaire feedback, implementing service improvement initiatives in line with recommendations from these.
  • Signpost referrals on to more appropriate services if we are unable to provide the identified support.

To be eligible to access The Clubhouse Project Day Service Ltd, clients must:

  • Be 18 years or over, or under transition arrangements within the Post 18 services.
  • Have a diagnosis of a Learning Disability 

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