Lockdown Guidelines & Information

This page contains information to help whilst we are under lockdown and hold virtual meetings.

Zoom guidelines

Zoom is an online tool or application that allows video and audio communication to groups. The purpose of using Zoom with our clients is to enable face to face interaction during the isolation period. This letter is designed to help Zoom meetings go smoothly for all and help everyone stay cybersafe.

Support Staff Safety Steps

To ensure that only clients and their families can join, staff will be sending a Meeting ID to each parent/carer before each session.
The Waiting Room feature will be used which means the staff member has to ‘admit’ each client into the meeting.

Expectations for Families

Parents, please go through these points with prior to the first Zoom meeting.
• You need to ensure your device is fully charged or plugged in before entering a Zoom session.
• Once you have clicked on the invitation link, you will go into a ‘waiting room’. The staff will
allow access to the session. You will know when this has happened because you will be able to
see others on your screen.
• Staff will start admitting clients to the meeting from five minutes before it starts. Once
you are admitted you will be waiting for others to join.
• The volume will need to be up on the device you are using and the video activated.
• The staff will lead the session and will be looking forward to having you participate. Zoom
allows you to see and hear one another, almost as if you are in the room together, so you
will need to take turns and spend time listening to others or to instructions.
• If you need to leave the meeting for some reason, please let the staff member know.

Expectations for Parents
• Please try to have your child set up for the meeting in a space where there will be minimum
• Please do not use photography or any recording equipment (including Zoom recording) during the Zoom session.

Weekly schedule

Please download the weekly schedule here and view it online or print it out.