Mission Statement

  • Through empowerment comes self-belief
  • Through choice, dreams are met
  • Through dedication, compassion and respect, excellence is achieved

Our Ethos

  • We will empower our young adults to believe in themselves.
  • We will help individuals to fulfil their dreams by giving them choices.
  • We listen to them when they approach us with problems or suggestions, enjoyment or worries.
  • The individual and the group are important to us, and we work together to provide an environment where tolerance and respect is paramount.
  • We believe through dedication, compassion and respect, excellence is achieved.
A trip to Magna Carta

The clubhouse is outstanding. If your young person has a chance to go there grab the opportunity with both hands. You won’t find a better place. Its an all round provision for social development, confidence building, life skills and general quality of life. If you want your son or daughter to be getting the best from life and to be really happy, then have a good look at the clubhouse as it will provide both.’      – Parent

Our Approach

At The Clubhouse Project Day Service we have a strong belief in making the individual at the centre of his/her care. Dignity, respect and compassion is at the heart of Person Centred Care – allowing an individual to make choices, and flexibility in the way they are supported and how they can be involved.

  1. We tailor our plans to meet the needs and aspirations of each individual
  2. We build on an individual’s own unique range of capabilities
  3. We put the systems and services in place to centre on the individual.

Knowing the importance of having the right people and work processes available to meet the needs and requirements of any individual about to join us is a vital element of our approach. From the very start our experienced staff will talk to the individual and parents/carers to develop a Person Centred Plan where the focus is on managing their further development.