Success Stories

Please read put some of our clients have benefited from attending The Clubhouse Project.

Matthew’s story

Matthew's story

Our son first came to The Clubhouse Project Day Service 5 years ago. Because of his autism, he found social interaction difficult and he could not cope with instructions. The staff put strategies in place to help and support our son and because of their experience, dedication and patience we have seen him develop into someone who is now much better at coping with social interaction.

He has become a happy young man and it has made such a big difference to our whole family life. We hope that our son will be able to move into supported living in the near future and we know that when the time comes, we will receive excellent guidance and support from staff at Clubhouse.

We can’t thank you enough”.

Kirsty's story

Kirsty’s Person Centred Approach plan

My niece has been attending The Clubhouse Project Day Service for the last 4 years. When she first started, she was depressed and very anxious but the trained staff took time to work out a Person Centred Approach Plan for her and our daughter is now a happy young lady who enjoys taking part in all aspects the service.

Because she is on the autistic spectrum she relies heavily on her daily timetable and knows exactly what she will be doing every day of the week. This helps her enormously with her anxiety and we have seen a big difference in her.

We’ve had so much support from all the wonderful staff which means that she has now been able to move from home into supported living and the transition has been very smooth. Even though our daughter has now moved away from home she is still able to come to project, which is so important for her.

Thank you all very much for your support”.

Talia’s experience

Talia's story

When our daughter first started coming to The Clubhouse Project Day Service she was very anxious and had no self- confidence because of her physical disability.

The exceptionally kind and dedicated staff have worked with our daughter to help her conquer her fears and anxieties and she is now a lot more confident and very happy to join in all activities on offer. Joining TCPDS has made such an incredible difference to our daughter’s life.

We find that staff have always got time to talk and help us out with any problems or queries, so thank you all very much”.


Such a wonderful Centre.  A year ago my daughter didn’t want to leave me – a year later she can’t wait for her visits to The Clubhouse Project.

A truly compassionate and caring TCP Team who have made such a difference to my son’s behaviour.  How can I ever thank them?

The project encourages the young people to progress in lots of different ways.

My daughter has gained so much confidence since attending TCP.

There is good communication with home and the staff meaning my son is calm and confident.