Testimonials for The Clubhouse Project

You can post a comment about us below, the testimonials here are from a recent survey:

All the staff are lovely. They are committed to the young adults that attend, and encourage them to participate in a varied timetable. My son loves the days he attends there.

At Virginia Lodge we were very appreciative of the structure provided by yourselves through the zoom sessions – especially during the 2nd lockdown – which occurred just after Christmas when outside options for activities were limited for our SU’s!

A challenging period for everyone, zoom sessions kept David sane by seeing his friends were at home as well. All staff should recognise the difference you make to the service users.
Many thanks.

Clubhouse provides a well balanced and safe environment for the young people attending the day service. We have seen our son grow in confidence while he has been there and he is always ready to try new things and enjoys the varied programme of activities. He is valued as are all the young people as an individual with his own needs and interests but the needs of the whole group is also an important aspect of Clubhouse life. I would always recommend Clubhouse to anyone looking for a Day Care placement for their son or daughter.

All the staff undoubtedly went above and beyond during the Covid restrictions, to limit the amount of upheaval caused and to try and ensure that our son did not miss out. This was very much appreciated.

The clubhouse has provided a constant in Alex’s life during the months of covid and this has been reassuring for him and us.

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